While our primary focus is not to be a software products company, we do find ourselves writing rather quite a copious amount of code. Quite often we find ourselves writing the same code again and again on different research projects or client engagements. Some of that code is even useful ;)

HMx Core

source code [Git Hub] | download [NuGet] | license

HMx Core consists of a range of utility code that we have found to be useful in the past across a number of different internal projects or client engagements. Although only open sourced in 2018 much of the code is considerably older. As such there are things in here that have been superseded by either updates to the .NET framework itself (such as much of the threading code since the advent of the TPL) or common adoption of other open source libraries.

Test Ext

source code [Git Hub] | download [NuGet] | license

Test Ext is essentially just utility code to help more concise, fluent and reusable test code. Operating on the principle that your test cases are as important if not more important than your production code we started to write the sorts of helper and utility code that you?d normally see for production code but targeted at writing good tests.


source code [Git Hub] | download [NuGet] | license

SMTP Unit was written to help facilitate the testing of code that sends email without needing to use a real SMTP server to validate what was sent. Now of course in your own code you have well defined interfaces and your test code has mocks (of those interfaces) and you don?t need a real SMTP server. Sometime though you need to use a library that doesn?t provide you the ability to do that, or maybe some legacy code, or maybe you just want to integration test your system with something as close to a production configuration as possible. This is meant to help out in all those cases.